CV: Blake Guyan
  • News On The Block

    "Blake is never put off by a challenge, when we asked for a feature or a design he would always find a way of making it work or creating a solution to the problem. Blake is also very dedicated, if there were a deadline for a project he would make sure that the work was ready for when we needed it. "

    Anistasia Morton
  • Hillingdon Musical society

    "On behalf of the HMS committee I would like to thank you for all your hard work, commitment and time given to designing and building our wonderful new website. I know that you have had many hurdles and obstacles along the way but you have patiently and diligently produced a site which will not only serve its purpose now but be fit for the future too."

    Ali whittall

About Blake:

I often refer to myself as a "freelance nerd" mostly because it is so hard to pin down what it is exactly that I do.

I am passionate about creating things that really make people wonder "how did they do that" or that simply look fantastic. The most common feedback I get from people I work with is that they are glad I am so communicative about the design process, while I am happy working from start to finish alone I tend to work on the premise that the design is as much the brainchild of the client as me, which I find tends to create a design closer the the clients own vision than something more impersonal.

Working in front end development is the perfect field for me, it alows me to indulge my creative side with layout and design while allowing my technical side to solve the innumerable questions posed by creating interesting and dynamic pages.